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DKW SB 500 A (1937) Motorcycle

Vintage Motorcycles

What most people do not realize is that the first motorcycle to appear was also the first gasoline-powered vehicle ever made. 

Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, presented it in 1885 as a “rider car”. Since it was an experimental vehicle, it remained the only one ever made.

Hildebrand & Wolfmüller developed the first production motorcycle in 1894 and went on to make several hundred units. But prices were still too high, so production was unsuccessful. 

By 1900 there were many companies manufacturing motorcycles but production faltered yet again and many were swallowed up by larger companies. 

Of particular interest in Oldtimer circles are the many varieties and models of vintage motorcycles. The period before World War II is generally a popular choice.


Oldtimer Trucks

The first of its kind
The first trucks to be built with an internal combustion engine were introduced by Gottlieb Daimler in September 1896.

These small trucks or vans allowed speeds of between three and twelve km/ h and are considered to be the forefather of the modern day van.

Mercedes Benz still remain as one of the leading manufacturers. The L206D or L319, are examples of two vans with popularity value to collectors.

Market leader Opel

Another producer was Opel, which was the market leader in this sector for a long time. Particularly worthy of mention here would be the Opel Blitz, a platform for all small to medium sized trucks from 1930 to 1970.


Vintage Kodak photo cameras

George Eastman started the Kodak Company in 1888. He started with using the advertising slogan you press the button, we do the rest. He made a complicated photography process easy to use and accessible to nearly everyone. Thus was the beginning of the vintage Kodak photo camera. 

One antique vintage Kodak photo camera was the Brownie. It was introduced at the turn of the century and sold for only one dollar. Now collectors buy this old Kodak photo camera for at least one hundred dollars. It was renamed the number 1 Brownie the next year and finally a total of 6 more models were introduced for 6 other roll film sizes. 

Another vintage Kodak photo camera is the 35 RF. It is a rangefinder camera that was introduced in the 1940’s. This is a charming camera that has many adjustable settings. There are two windows to look through, one for focus and the other for composition. The Kodak 35 RF is an upgrade to Kodak’s original 35mm camera. It was created to compete with Argus C3. 


Mercedes Benz 280 SE (3.5)

Oldtimer Cabrios

Convertible cars come with a feeling of freedom, love of life and a certain amount of luxury. Almost everyone looks a little envious when a convertible car passes by. And a classic car of this category always makes for some curious glances and grabs the attention.

The first convertible car
A Peugeot 401 Eclipse, was unveiled in Paris in 1934 by Marcel Poutout.

Convertibles in Germany


Oldtimer – dream cars of yesteryear

There is nothing else in the world capable of taking you back to a particular moment in time like a car. The nostalgia that stems from an oldtimer reflects the spirit of bygone days. The smell alone evokes memories of the carefree time of childhood, weekend trips away with the family or the first rendezvous with a great love.

When you slide into the drivers seat of an automotive classic and look out over the dashboard and run your fingers across the hand-stitched leather work, the pleasure for an oldtimer enthusiast is like no other.

How to find the right oldtimer

In most cases, the oldtimer will probably find you first and not the other way around! Classic car drivers know the feeling almost like an instinct, the desire takes over and there is no longer any doubt: the car has to be yours.